How to Keep Pole Barns From Rotting

How to Keep Pole Barns From Rotting

When you stake a post in the ground for your next pole barn, you want confidence that it will stand the test of time. No builder should have to stress over how to keep their pole barn post from rotting.

The experts here at Midwest Perma-Column have the solution! We’ve created this guide to walk you through the best in post rot protection solutions from Perma-Columns to Sturdi-Wall post frame concrete brackets.

Ready to take your pole barn project to the next level? Keep reading to learn how to keep pole barn posts from rotting or contact us to find columns and brackets to extend your pole barn’s lifespan today!

Perma-Column Wood Post Rot Protection

Wood Post Rot Protection

Any experienced contractor understands that the quality of a well-constructed building starts at the foundation and the frame. That’s why you want to have a plan on how to keep pole barn posts from rotting. Thankfully, Perma-Columns are a unique solution that can beat this common problem!

The Perma-Column protects your investment with easy installation and unmatched performance that will last for a lifetime. Perma-Columns have several unique features that make them invaluable tools on the jobsite for wood post rot protection:

  • Extra-strength durability: Perma-Columns are 3x stronger than standard concrete with a 60,000 psi rebar. You can count on these post-frame building solutions for the best engineering and strength.
  • Post rot protection: Wood posts in pole barns can rot in the soil over time and cause a hassle. Perma-Columns elevate wood columns out of the ground, eliminating any possibility of wood rot.
  • Long-lasting guarantee: Every Perma-Column comes with a lifetime guarantee for your pole barn’s lifespan with products designed to last for generations. Now that’s peace of mind for your pole barn installation.

Want a durable solution built for strength? Look no further than the Perma-Column for wood post rot protection that combines the affordability of post-frame construction with the reliability of a concrete foundation. Reach out to a member of the Midwest Perma-Column team today to get started with your next post-frame building project.

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Sturdi-Wall® Post-Frame Concrete Brackets

Post Frame Concrete Brackets

Builders know there’s nothing like good, old-fashioned American-made products. Perma-Column engineers every one of its innovative products for excellence and post-frame concrete brackets are no exception.

The Sturdi-Wall bracket is a one-of-a-kind product that uses seismic-rated American steel. It also comes with EpoxZi Shield coating, a durable outer shell that provides a professional look and can prevent corrosion, resist UV damage, and withstand more than 2,500 salt-spray hours.

When there’s a tough job to be done, a post-frame concrete bracket will come in handy every time. These heavy-duty anchor brackets are rugged and reliable, easily connecting post-frame structures to anything from concrete slabs to walls and pads. The ICC-ES also put its stamp of approval on Sturdi-Wall brackets with certification for compliance with international and residential building codes.

Want to extend your pole barn’s lifespan with a Sturdi-Wall bracket and stop worrying how to keep a pole barn post from rotting once and for all? Midwest Perma-Column can answer the call with the best solutions on the market. Get connected with the Perma-Column team today to discuss your pricing options.

Boost Your Pole Barn Lifespan with Perma-Columns and Sturdi-Wall® Brackets

Pole Barn Lifespan

Here at Midwest Perma-Column, we know that an excellent builder needs excellent tools. That’s why we offer superior wood post rot protection with Perma-Columns and Sturdi-Wall post-frame concrete brackets designed to extend your pole barn’s lifespan.

Established in 2004, we have almost two decades of experience as an industry leader in precast concrete structural solutions. Our mission is to provide the construction industry with superior, forward-looking products on the cutting edge of post-frame structures while eliminating the common questions surrounding the best foundations for post frame buildings. You can also check out our FAQs to find answers to other questions from builders like you!

Want to find out more about how to keep pole barn posts from rotting with Perma-Column products? Midwest Perma-Column is standing by and ready to help with a team of experts. Reach out to us today to explore pricing and discuss your options for post rot protection!

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