What is Post-Frame Construction?

What is Post-Frame Construction?

You’ve probably stood in a post-frame building at some point in your daily life or career. But you still may wonder, “What is post-frame construction?” That’s why we’ve created this free guide to walk you through the advantages of post-frame construction as well as post-frame building costs.

Here at Midwest Perma-Column, we’re experts in post-frame construction with almost two decades of experience as an industry-leading precast concrete manufacturer. We offer a patented system of precast concrete columns that allow builders to quickly and efficiently install post-frame structures.

Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of post-frame construction or contact us online to discuss your precast concrete needs.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is post-frame construction? And its advantages.
  • Average post-frame building cost.

The Unique Advantages of Post-Frame Construction

advantages of post frame construction


So, what is post-frame construction? It is a building method that uses large posts and roof trusses to create wide-open interior spaces with a structurally sound design. These designs are typically found in pole barns and agricultural buildings because they require less framing than traditional stick-frame construction.

There are several specific advantages of post-frame construction, including:

  • Open floor plan: Post-frame construction uses large posts and trusses to create a single structure that doesn’t need interior support walls. This design creates large open spaces that are perfect for equestrian barns and arenas, workshops, and much more.
  • Steel exterior: Although you can finish most post-frame construction with any exterior material, steel and metal panels are a common choice that provides a durable and long-lasting finish at an economical price point.
  • Building strength: Post-frame construction uses a combination of sturdy posts with heavy-duty roof trusses. This construction method, when combined with steel panel roofing materials, creates an outstandingly durable building. Most post-frame buildings can handle intense poundings from the weather, including heavy loads of snow on the roof as well as powerful wind gusts.
  • Wood-to-ground installation: Precast Perma-Column footings allow builders to perform a quick, easy, and inexpensive wood-to-ground installation without worrying about rot. You can read more about Midwest Perma-Column post-frame building foundation options here.
  • Insulation: Although agricultural buildings or pole barns may not need insulation, workshops and others that do need temperature control can benefit greatly from post-frame construction. Since most columns are around 8 feet apart in this type of building, you can add 8 feet of uninterrupted insulation and enjoy significant energy savings.

When choosing the structural material for your next project, it’s also important to consider post-frame building costs.


Post-Frame Building Cost

post frame building cost


Post-frame buildings are known for being cost-effective and easy-to-install. There are many different types of post-frame buildings with varying costs. Whether you want to use a pole barn as a space for storage or a workshop, the cost depends on the size and features you want for your building.

Perma-Columns typically cost between $10 and $11 per linear foot for installation. Yet, this investment prevents the long-term wood rot of the building to give it an incredible lifespan.

When you’re ready to bring your vision for a wide-open structure to life, the precast concrete manufacturers here at Midwest Perma-Column are here to help with competitively priced columns.

Choose Midwest Perma-Columns as Your Precast Concrete Manufacturer

Now that you know what post-frame construction is, you know it may be the best quick and affordable solution for your next building project.

Since 2004 Midwest Perma-Column has gained years of experience as a trusted authority in the precast concrete industry. When you choose our products for your post-frame building, you can count on reliability for years to come.

We offer the patented Perma-Column system, designed to eliminate rot by elevating wood columns out of the ground. Every Perma-Column product combines the affordability of post-frame construction with rugged durability and the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ready to find out more about post-frame building costs for your project? Contact us online to connect with a member of our team and discuss price estimates.

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