What Is Precast Concrete?

What Is Precast Concrete?

Anyone familiar with construction projects will likely have seen precast concrete products at some point, but what is precast concrete exactly, and what are the benefits of using it in favor of its alternatives? Precast concrete is of known strength, quality, efficient and can ensure that construction is able to proceed smoothly. Demanding much less hassle when compared to concrete that’s fabricated on-site, those looking to begin construction of any kind will want to be aware of the advantages offered by precast concrete.

Midwest Perma-Column has everything you need to fulfill your precast concrete needs and the durability that is demanded. Be sure to contact us to learn more about what we can do to simplify your upcoming build!

In this blog, we’ll discuss what is precast concrete, how to manufacture it, and why you should use it for your next project.

How Does Precast Concrete Manufacturing Work?

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Precast concrete manufacturing typically makes use of reusable molds into which a concrete mixture—consisting of sand and stone aggregate, cementous material, numerous admixtures and water—is poured. These molds often house steel – typically rebar or wire – which is used to increase the strength and longevity of the concrete column. After molding, precast concrete Perma-Columns undergo a curing process which lasts for seven days.

After that, the precast concrete manufacturing process is complete, and a laminated wood column or solid post is affixed to a bracket that is connected to the reinforced steel running through the concrete column. At that point, the column is ready to be delivered to the jobsite.
Some contractors prefer to attach the wood columns themselves at the job site.

Key Advantages of Precast Concrete

Now that we’ve discussed what is precast concrete, let’s explore the many advantages of using it. The many advantages of precast concrete columns make them viable in many different construction scenarios. Not only is precast concrete manufactured in a controlled environment, but these columns are also easy to install and indispensable when erecting smaller structures without solid foundations such as post frame buildings. These are a few reasons why some builders rely on Perma-Columns to get the job done:

  • Ease of Installation: It’s no secret that pouring concrete footers can be troublesome, and, should things go awry, it could delay the entire construction process. One of the biggest advantages of precast concrete is the ease with which it can be installed. Concrete perma-columns can circumvent the tedious on-site concrete molding procedure and allow for a structure to go up as quickly as possible.
  • Saves Time During Construction: Even small construction projects can be time consuming, and builders are often looking for ways to save time and keep things moving methodically. One of the most significant advantages of precast concrete is that it can be an incredible time saver.
  • Ensures Your Foundation Won’t Rot: When wooden posts are affixed to the ground, rot becomes an inevitability, and even the highest-grade lumber isn’t guaranteed to last forever. Precast concrete columns mitigate the risk of rot and can fortify the structural integrity of a building for decades to come.
  • Perfect for Post-Frame Construction: Versatile and cost-effective, post-frame construction is a hugely popular method of building things like barns, stables, garages, and even small commercial spaces. Precast concrete Perma-Columns have become integral to the construction of these kinds of structures, and Midwest Perma-Column has everything a client needs to begin the post-frame building process.

Concrete Perma-Columns can help builders rest with the knowledge that their new structures will stand the test of time and are ICC certified. Be sure to check out our blog to discover how our products can help you when building your next deck or pole barn.

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Precast Concrete Perma-Column Uses

Precast concrete perma-columns come in many shapes and sizes and can be used to fulfill a variety of construction needs. From small-scale backyard building to the fortification of larger agricultural structures, precast concrete columns from Midwest Perma-Column can make a huge difference when it comes to the integrity and longevity of a build. Check out our products page to learn more about how we can improve the foundation of your next project.

Precast concrete columns from Midwest Perma-Column are perfect for structures like:

    • Post-Frame Buildings/Pole Barns
    • Decks and Porches
    • Stables
    • Pergolas
    • Small Barns and Garages

Perfect for smaller construction projects, Perma-Columns can help builders ensure that their structures go up efficiently and will be made to last. Check out our product page for everything you need when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Midwest Perma-Column: The Industry Leader For Precast Concrete Columns

The many advantages of precast concrete Perma-Columns make them perfect for all types of construction projects, and they are becoming more common in the industry as each year passes.

Established in 2004, Midwest Perma-Column boasts nearly two decades of experience and has become a trusted leader in the realm of precast concrete structural solutions. From precast concrete manufacturing prowess to long-lasting foundational strength, foundations laid with columns from Midwest Perma-Column are sure to stand the test of time.

Contact us today to further discuss what is precast concrete as well as our expertise in the industry so that you can get the ball rolling on your next build.

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