How To's

Sturdi-Wall Wet Set Post Repair System

Step #1

• Dig the soil away from the rotted post.

• Inspect the treated lower board for decay; it may need to be replaced.

• Brace the rotted post by fastening a support beam under the truss and lifting with an adequate sized jack.

• Make sure the brace and jack assembly are installed safe and securely.

Step #2

• Saw off the rotted post approximately 3” below the top of the treated base board.

• Remove rotten section of post.

• Clean out all loose dirt from the bottom of the hole.

• Tamp bottom of the hole to insure a solid base for the poured concrete in Step #3.

• Attach the Sturdi-Wall Plus bracket to the bottom of the post.

Step #3

• Use treated base board as the outside form.

• Install additional forming around the base of the Sturdi-Wall Plus using plywood. The form should extend 2” to 3” beyond the post on three sides and flush with the base board.

• Pour concrete to the base of the form and allow the concrete to firm up slightly.

• After previous pour has firmed, pour concrete to the top of form (base of the bracket). Rod and tap concrete to insure a completely consolidated fill under the bracket. Do not over vibrate or aggregate will settle.

• Remove the brace and jack assembly after approximately 12 hours. Do not bump or fully load the repaired post for 30 days.