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When a wood foundation deteriorates, the entire post-frame structure becomes compromised and it leaves its useful life in jeopardy. These columns or rotten posts leave building owners searching for ways to save an otherwise sound pole building.

Our products allow the proprietors to save their buildings by replacing the rotten wood with a concrete foundation. Not only will they address the nagging rot problem, they will also add resale value and renewed life expectancy to their property.

Two repair options are available:

Perma-Column Repair System allows for rapid repair of an entire building and does not require concrete work. Perma-Columns are precast, there are no concrete trucks or waiting for concrete to set up before moving to the next post. This allows multiple posts to be repaired in succession.

Sturdi-Wall Plus Repair System is best suited for repairing a few posts at a time. It does require pouring concrete which adds additional labor for forming and extra time for proper curing of the new concrete. This method may however allow for more flexibility because you can form the concrete to adapt to any situation.

New Construction Perma Column Repair System

New Construction Sturdi Wall Repair System feature/accent

New Construction Repair Types