Drill Set Concrete Anchor Brackets by Sturdi-Wall

Sturdi-Wall brackets are a heavy-duty engineered anchoring system that attaches the wood column to concrete foundations. Though generally used in the post frame industry, they have other applications as well. These brackets are made with 1/4“ steel plate, precisely welded to meet engineering specifications and are given a professional look with a baked polyester powder coat finish. Some brackets are available in a Hot Dipped Galvanized model for use in more corrosive environments.

Caution: The shear and uplift values listed are for 5/8 – 6” long concrete screw anchors and with part numbers SW60 & SW80 being used in pairs. Please consult the Sturdi-Wall Design Manual for additional information.

Sturdi-Wall brackets are most commonly applied where the concrete foundation has already been poured and drill set installation is to be used. The main advantage of drill setting is the reduction of wet set concrete placement errors. Sturdi-Wall brackets are available in Standard, OT and GL models.

Standard Models – Accommodate dimensional lumber and laminated columns which are typically nailed together with no additional machining.

OT Models – Accommodate some laminated wood columns which have been planed and are usually mechanically fastened and glued together.

GL Models - Accommodate most laminated wood columns which have been planed and glued