Although there are very few differences in the construction of post frame buildings versa post frame buildings with Perma-Columns some considerations need to be made.

1. Care should be taken to keep the Perma-Columns at the same elevation. This is mainly for looks as any variation in height is easily seen and gives the building an unprofessional appearance.

2. In setting or positioning the Perma-Columns, refrain from striking columns or the attached metal bracket with hammers, etc. as the concrete can crack or chip with shock from such blows.

3. The wood column should be flat and square on the end that is being attached to the metal U bracket. Before attaching be sure that the column is seated firmly against the bottom of the U bracket.

4. Grade 5 zinc plated bolts are recommended in attaching the wood columns. Use a washer on one side of the U bracket and a flange nut (if available) on the other side. Note: When drilling the ½ inch thru hole in the wood column do not wallow out hole to get alignment. It may be necessary to drill from both sides of the U bracket. Bolts should be tightened to 110 – 120 foot pounds.

5. It is also recommended to use ¼ inch Simpson screws (or equivalent) in the small holes on the U bracket as well as the ½ bolts.

6. When attaching the skirt board to the Perma-Column with attachment hardware, stay in the center 1/3 of the concrete located under the metal “U” bracket. This is necessary to keep from hitting the rebar with your masonry drill. Skirt boards will need to be cut so that the butt joints are centered directly under the wood column. At these butt joints, drive anchors should be drilled at a slight angle toward the center of the Perma-Column to assure trouble free installation. Note: Illustration on reverse side.