Pole Building Repair Illinois

Don't Settle for Less with Pole Building Repair in Illinois

Severe weather and cold temperatures can significantly impact agriculture and commercial structures as the years wear on. And especially when it comes to your pole barns and similar structures, you want to keep them sturdy and standing for as long as possible. Thus, you need the right tools and materials for reliable pole building repair in Illinois. And when looking for the best, you can count on Midwest Perma-Column to provide.

What Are Pole Buildings?

If you've ever seen a barn, hanger, or large warehouse, there's a good chance they implemented pole framing. For this construction method, large poles or posts are buried into the ground to provide the primary support for a structure's entirety. Such buildings are more "industrial" in nature, most often used for commercial or agricultural applications. However, the latest trends have made "barndominums" a popular construction choice for residents looking to build a new home.

Where Pole Framing Can Fail

While pole framing is one of the quickest and most reliable methods for creating a sturdy structure with plenty of space, typical construction runs into one fatal flaw: Midwestern weather. Due to our sometimes harsh winters and affinity for moisture and humidity throughout the year, the wood poles of a pole building can deteriorate quicker than average.

A Solution to the Problem

Conversely, with Midwest Perma-Column, the longevity of your post-frame structures is no longer an issue! We supply the right materials for pole building repair in Illinois that greatly extend post-frame construction's lifespan. For example, our patented and certified Perma-Column is the solution to your repair woes.

  • A Sturdy Base – Each Perma-Column is built with a precast concrete base. This base fits at the bottom of a wood column, taking the place of the wood in the ground. Keeping the wood column above ground helps it to avoid potential moisture and termites.
  • Protected Wood – To further safeguard against wood deterioration, each column instead uses laminated wood. Laminated wood is layers of wood bound together to form a column and is stronger than traditional wood. Also, laminated wood repels bugs and water better than a regular wood column.
  • Quality Tested – Finally, you can be confident in a Perma-Column's quality due to the extensive testing we perform on each column. Perma-Columns are manufactured in-house, so to avoid potential contaminates on a worksite. Production also gives us a chance to ensure the performance of your column meets and exceeds expectations.

Count on Midwest Perma-Column

Builders across the country count on the quality and lifespan of a Perma-Column. And at Midwest Perma-Column, we make accessing the best materials for post-frame construction easier than ever. Whether needing supplies for pole building repair in Illinois or looking to build a new structure, we've got you covered. To learn more about our products, call us today at 309-589-7949. Also, we are located at 7407 N Kickapoo-Edwards Rd, Edwards, IL 61528.