Post-Frame Buildings Illinois

Affordable and Straightforward Construction: Post-Frame Buildings in Illinois

Business owners and residents are always needing more space for storage, hobbies, living or conducting business. And when space is often confined in more urban areas, the rural parts of the Midwest offer plenty more area to construct large and spacious structures. And when looking to have construction done quickly and affordably, why not consider post-frame buildings in Illinois? Just be sure to find all the best construction supplies from the team at Midwest Perma-Column.

The Advantages of Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame design and construction aren’t like your typical construction project. And in many ways, building a pole building is easier for most contractors.

  • Quick Assembly – Putting together a post-frame building is similar to completing a puzzle. During the initial phases of construction, pieces are designed and manufactured off-site. Once on-site, pieces are assembled to create the whole structure.
  • No Initial Foundation – Another benefit of post-frame construction is the foundation, or lack thereof. The base and integrity of your building come from the columns and framing. A foundation or flooring can be an additional feature once the structure is complete.
  • Durability – The framing design of post-frame buildings for Illinois is stronger than you might first think. The combination of sturdy posts and roof trusses creates a frame that can withstand heavy snows, strong winds and anything our Midwestern climate can throw at it.
  • Flexibility – Post-frame structures can provide incredible utility. With the spacious area they provide, you can turn your building into storage space, an airplane hanger, a pole barn, office space, a personalized home, and much more!

Improve on Your Post-Frame Construction

If looking to make your post-frame buildings in Illinois even more durable, solid and weather-resistant, consider using Perma-Columns from Midwest Perma-Column. We improve upon the design of wood columns by adding:

  • Laminated Wood – Standard wood columns simply don’t have the same resistance and strength that manufactured laminated wood can provide.
  • Concrete Base – Using precast concrete, we create a sturdy base to lift the laminated wood out of the ground, making it less vulnerable to insects, moisture and wood rot.
  • Reinforced – The concrete base is further reinforced by rebar, giving the column the strength to support over 70,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Additionally, we use a powder-coated stainless-steel bracket to securely attach the laminated wood column to the precast concrete base.

Learn More About Our Products

If you’re interested in making your next post-frame buildings for Illinois your best yet, consider the incredible products and materials offered by Midwest Perma-Column. Learn more by calling us today at 309-589-7949. Also, we are located at 7407 N Kickapoo-Edwards Rd, Edwards, IL 61528.