Post-Frame Construction

Support Post-Frame Construction with the Right Building Products

When looking to construct a large building quickly, efficiently and affordably, most folks opt for post-frame construction. And Midwest Perma-Column can provide you with precisely the products you need to complete post-frame construction with skill and confidence.

What is Post-Frame Construction?

You'll see plenty of farms, garages, warehouses, hangers and more utilize post-frame construction. This method of building uses large posts and roof trusses to create structurally sound buildings with open spaces. Typically, post-frame construction is reserved for agricultural and industrial building projects, as the buildings in these industries must house large equipment and be sturdy in times of severe weather.

The Best Products for Your Construction

At Midwest Perma-Column, many of the products we offer are geared towards post-frame construction. Our products and materials are designed to ensure you can construct a sturdy and long-lasting frame for any structure.

  • Perma-Columns – Our patented and certified Perma-Columns make post-frame construction easy, fast and efficient. Perma-Columns offer incredible frame support, where a laminated wood column is lifted out of the ground, attached to a pre-cast concrete base by a steel bracket.
  • Concrete Anchor Brackets – We offer a selection of concrete anchor brackets, including our Sturdi-Wall Anchor Brackets. These steel brackets are used to help secure wood columns to a concrete base.
  • Foundation Bases – Midwest Perma-Column offers a selection of pre-cast concrete pads and bases for smaller building projects. More importantly, all products that use concrete are made with Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC), which is three times stronger than regular concrete.
  • Wood Columns – If you prefer wood columns that aren't a part of our Perma-Columns, we supply laminated wood columns. These columns are lightweight, possess incredible strength and are extremely resistant to bugs and moisture.
  • Hardware Packages – We also offer hardware packages that further support the products we sell. Our packages can include screw fasteners, uplift anchors, column extenders and more.

Helpful Product Guides

More than anything, Midwest Perma-Column wants to ensure your construction project is a complete success with the products we offer. Thus, we have how-to guides for everything we sell. Our manuals help contractors and builders with new construction and structure repair.

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Post-frame construction is an incredibly effective method for building large structures and can be made easier and more efficient with the tools and products offered by Midwest Perma-Column. To learn more, call us today at 309-589-7949. Also, we are located at 7407 N Kickapoo-Edwards Rd, Edwards, IL 61528.