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Perma-Column Concrete Deck Posts

As a deck builder, you know quality and speed are the keys to a profitable business. But if you’re still installing deck posts with poured concrete, you do a lot of waiting…

  • You wait for good weather conditions
  • You wait for the concrete truck to get to the job site
  • You mix and pour concrete
  • Then you wait even longer for poured concrete to cure

Eliminate the wait with concrete deck posts from Midwest Perma-Column! Our precast concrete posts are 3X stronger than poured concrete and are readt ti be installed immediately – no waiting required.

Combine these precast deck footings with our FootingPad foundation bases, to create a permanent foundation that can bear loads right away. Plus, Perma-Column concrete deck posts are designed to elevate wood out of the ground, creating a permanent foundation that lasts for generations!

Ready to take your deck construction to the next level? Invest in Perma-Column concrete posts for your next project!

Precast Concrete Posts – Key Features

Build Stronger

Perma-Column precast concrete deck posts are designed to elevate wooden posts above the ground utilizing a powder-coated, U-shaped steel bracket that’s robotically welded to steel reinforcement bars that run the entire length of each column. That’s why our precast concrete deck posts are 3X stronger than standard concrete.

10,0000 PSI precast concrete + 60,000 PSI rebar = incredible load capacity for strong foundations that stand the test of time.

Build Faster

Build Greener

Maximize Resources – Designed to last a lifetime, Perma-Column concrete deck posts won’t need to be replaced, maximizing available resources.


Installing Precast Concrete Deck Posts

As a deck builder, you’ll love how easy it is to install our precast concrete posts using 5 simple steps:

  1. Dig post holes to required depth
  2. Level and tamp dirt at the bottom of the hole
  3. Place FootingPad deck footing with ribbed side up
  4. Set Perma-Column deck post onto pad
  5. Backfill dirt in 12″ lifts, tamping after each lift

Precast deck footings are ready to bear load immediately! No waiting. No delays. No worries.

Our precast deck footings are ICC-approved to build decks faster, smarter, and easier.


Build Better with Concrete Deck Posts from Midwest Perma-Column

Ready to eliminate the hassles of poured concrete and extend your deck-building season? Start installing Perma-Column precast deck footings, the innovative solution for strong foundations that last!

Buy online using the product links above or contact the team at Midwest Perma-Column today to get started! We’re always happy to answer questions and help you find the right products for your needs!