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Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets are a heavy duty engineered anchoring system that attaches the wood column to concrete foundations and are generally used in the post frame industry but have other applications as well. These brackets are made with ¼ “steel plate, A706 rebar in either # 4 or # 5 size depending on model, precisely welded to meet engineering specs - see Sturdi-Wall Design Manual - and are given a professional look with a baked polyester powder coat finish. Some brackets are available in Hot Dipped Galvanized for more corrosive environments.

Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets are used in a wet set concrete application and provide the highest strength bracket to foundation connection when concrete is fully cured. SWP brackets require less concrete coverage than the Sturdi-Wall brackets, allowing them to work well in pier foundations, post repair and renovations. # 4 rebar is used in all Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets except the SWP 8 Series in which # 5 rebar is used. Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets are available in Standard, OT and GL models.

Standard Models – Accommodate dimensional lumber and laminated columns which are typically nailed together with no additional machining.

OT Models – Accommodate some laminated wood columns which have been planed and are usually mechanically fastened and glued together.

GL Models - Accommodate most laminated wood columns which have been planed and glued.


Column Type

6" x 6" Solid Post

Pocket Width

5 5/8"

Weight (lbs)




Moment (in·lb)


Shear (lbs)


Uplift (lbs)