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Midwest Perma-Column is a pre-cast concrete column manufacturer located in Edwards, IL. Established in 2004, we created a superior and forward-looking product, which has advanced the post-frame building industry to the next level. Aptly named, Perma-Columns provide permanent foundation-building solutions – making the future a reality today.

We place a strong emphasis on alleviating concerns regarding environmental contamination and structural longevity. Our pre-cast concrete company is continually driven by the demand for quality products. Although Perma-Columns remain our primary focus, Midwest Perma-Column, Inc. continuously adds to our line of superior building materials to meet the needs of our loyal clients. Currently, we offer the following types of products:

about us

about us

about us

about us

Meet the Proprietors of Midwest Perma-Column

Doug Streitmatter, President

Mr. Streitmatter offers a lifetime of construction experience in the post-frame industry. He retains part interest in EB Buildings & Lumber Co., a lumber yard and construction company in nearby Princeville IL.

Phil Ehnle, Vice President

Mr. Ehnle contributes production and maintenance experience acquired over 30 years working at Caterpillar, Inc. He remains active in the agricultural field, specifically the beef industry.

Ray Blunier, Secretary

Mr. Blunier accepted an early retirement from Honeywell to provide a solution to our engineering and accounting needs.