Best Foundation for Post Frame Buildings

Best Foundation for Post Frame Buildings

The strength and longevity of a post frame building starts with a strong foundation. For generations, builders have utilized the age-old technique of placing posts directly into the ground and setting them with concrete – and for generations builders have experienced the same wood rot caused by the direct wood-to-ground contact.

As technology advances, so do building solutions – but what is the best foundation for post frame buildings available today?

In this blog we’ll discuss the permanent foundation best suited for post frame building construction and how precast concrete footings fit into your next build!

Post Frame Building Foundation Options

There are a few foundation options for post frame buildings, including:

1. Direct Wood to Ground

As we mentioned, this has been the traditional method for generations but is no longer recommended due to the high risk of wood rot in a short time – which will be a costly repair down the road!

2. Poured Concrete Footings

Poured concrete footings provide a solid foundation for your post frame building. One downside to poured concrete is that it can be susceptible to cracking and settling over time – meaning your building is at risk of becoming unstable.

3. Precast Perma-Column Concrete Footings

This our recommendation for the best foundation for post frame buildings! Precast concrete footings are durable, long lasting, and low maintenance. Keeping the wood posts above ground avoids wood rot making this a permanent solution. Additionally, precast concrete footings are as quick and easy to install as direct wood-to-ground installations – making them perfect for any size post frame building project.

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Why Precast Concrete Footings are the Best Foundation for Post Frame Buildings?

There are many reasons why precast concrete footings are the best foundation solution for post frame buildings:

  • Durability: precast concrete footings are made with high quality concrete mix and reinforced with steel rebar – meaning they are built to be a permanent solution.
  • Longevity: precast concrete footings will not rot, crack, or settle over time – ensuring your post frame building has a stable foundation for years to come.
  • Low-Maintenance: unlike other foundation options, precast concrete footings do not require any ongoing maintenance – saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: precast concrete footings can be installed quickly and easily – making them perfect for any size post frame building project.

Precast Perma-Columns are a 5’ pre-cast concrete column that keeps the wood post completely above ground. The wood column is attached to a U-shaped steel bracket made of ¼-inch steel with ½-inch thru-bolts and ¼-inch lag bolts. This bracket is robotically welded to steel reinforcement that runs the entire length of the column. The concrete section of the column extends 3’ into the ground – just as a regular post would. This creates the best permanent foundation for your post frame building.

Order the Best Foundation for Post Frame Buildings Today!

Gone are the days of replacing rotting wood posts! If you are looking for the best foundation for post frame buildings, precast concrete column footings are the way to go. They provide superior strength and stability, are easy to install, and will save you money by eliminating the warranty costs accrued with post replacement – which means more profit for you!

Contact Midwest Perma-Columns today to order your precast concrete column footings!

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