How to Install Post Brackets for Concrete

How to Install Post Brackets for Concrete

Looking for a groundbreaking post foundation solution that promises superior durability and ease of installation? Get ready to be impressed by a game-changing product: Midwest Perma Column’s Sturdi-Wall Plus wet set post brackets.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the benefits of our post brackets for concrete and demystify the installation process of our Sturdi-Wall Plus wet set post brackets. These innovative post brackets for concrete are designed to provide an exceptionally strong and durable connection between wooden posts and concrete foundations.

Let’s dive into the benefits of our post brackets for concrete and how to install them like a pro!

Wet Set Post Foundation Brackets for Strength and Durability post foundation showing sturdi wall bracket

Midwest Perma-Column’s Sturdi-Wall and Sturdi-Wall Plus post brackets for concrete are the industry’s gold standard for securing wooden posts to concrete foundations. Both offer robust connections.  Sturdi-Wall Plus, our wet set post bracket, offers unbeatable post foundation strength and durability.

Sturdi-Wall brackets are ideal for projects where the foundation is already poured and cured. Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets, on the other hand, are designed for wet-set concrete applications and offer an even stronger connection thanks to four 18” robotically welded rebar anchors. Both post foundations offer several key benefits:

  • Superior Structural Integrity: Our post brackets for concrete provide a robust and secure connection between wooden posts and concrete foundations. This provides unmatched stability and durability for your construction project.
  • Enhanced Safety: The Midwest Perma Column post brackets for concrete mitigate safety hazards associated with unstable connections, such as shifting, settling, or potential structural failure.
  • Cost-Efficiency: While Sturdi-Wall brackets offer cost savings by eliminating the need for a concrete subcontractor, Sturdi-Wall wet set post brackets take this a step further. Because they eliminate the need for drilling, project costs and timelines are reduced. Because of their durability, these post brackets for concrete improve builder profitability by substantially reducing warranty post replacements.
  • Ease of Code Compliance: Both Sturdi-Wall and Sturdi-Wall Plus post brackets for concrete are certified by the International Code Council (ICC). This ensures compliance with international building codes and facilitates quicker project approvals and permits.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Wet Set Post Bracketswet set post brackets installation showing level

Standard Sturdi-Wall brackets are renowned for their straightforward installation process. They can be installed quickly by drilling them into the dry concrete foundation.

For those seeking the highest level of strength and durability for their post foundations, we recommend our Sturdi-Wall wet set post brackets. Let’s explore the step-by-step process of installing these innovative post foundation brackets:

1. Site Preparationsturdi wall wet set brackets site preparation

Begin by setting up the concrete forms at the designated location and elevation. Make sure that the site is clean and free of debris to facilitate a smooth installation process.

2. Bracket Placementpost brackets for concrete inserting into wet concrete

Carefully place the Sturdi-Wall wet set brackets in the wet concrete. Ensure they are correctly aligned and positioned according to your project’s specifications.

3. Air Pocket Eliminationpost foundation hammering out air pockets

Gently tap the bracket to eliminate any air pockets around the rebar legs. This step is crucial for ensuring a secure and stable connection.

4. Bracket Securingwet set post brackets leveling and securing

Temporary bracing is required to secure the Sturdi-Wall wet set brackets until the concrete sets. This ensures accurate bracket placement and alignment, which is critical for the structure’s overall stability.

5. Curing Processsturdi wall wet set brackets curing before fastening posts

Allow the concrete to cure for a minimum of 7 days before attaching wooden posts to the Sturdi-Wall wet set brackets. For maximum design loading, a curing period of 30 days is recommended.

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Sturdi-Wall Wet Set Brackets: Permanent Excellence

Sturdi-Wall wet set brackets from Midwest Perma-Column are in a league of their own. These post foundation brackets are designed to provide a permanent and reliable foundation for your construction projects. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, the use of Sturdi-Wall foundation brackets is one of the best ways to prevent pole barns from rotting.

At Midwest Perma-Column, we revolutionize the post-frame construction industry with our unrivaled commitment to providing permanent foundation-building solutions. In addition to our post foundation anchor brackets, what also sets us apart is the cutting-edge pre-casting and curing technology of our Perma-Columns. These columns have enhanced strength, density, corrosion resistance, and freeze-thaw resistance.

Every product we offer, from our pre-cast columns to our anchor brackets and hardware packages, is meticulously engineered and made from premium materials, including 100% American-made 1/4″ steel. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to the strength and durability of our products.

Incorporate Sturdi-Wall wet set brackets into your construction project and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve chosen a product that sets the industry standard for strength, durability, and code compliance.

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